Kansas City-area business owners recover from frozen pipes in cold weather

LEAWOOD, Kansas – Even though another round of frigid weather is coming this weekend, some business owners are still trying to return to normal.

KSHB 41 has spoken to some who say single-digit temperatures and frozen pipes are not a good combination.

“Possibly closed for two to three weeks because the flooring and walls need to be replaced. That's a lot. I'm sad,” said Alysa Cascio, owner of Alysa Rene Boutique.

Cascio owns a boutique in Leawood, and she never expected the call she received on Monday.

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“One of my coworkers called and said, 'Alysa, there's water pouring through the windows everywhere,'” Cascio said.

In a newly renovated boutique, a business owner's worst fear is having to return to that state.

“A pipe burst and my co-worker said it sounded like a gunshot,” Cascio said.

The same goes for Christy Chase, owner of Hair Care Solutions by Kilikis salon in Gladstone.

“I got a text from my landlord saying there might be water damage in the salon because pipes burst upstairs,” Chase said.

Chase is caring for clients suffering from alopecia, but her work is on hold.

“They need your services too and for some hairdressers it is the quiet season. We need our income,” she said.

For these business owners, it may seem like so much is falling apart.

“I have a relationship with God, and this [the salon] belongs to him. He blessed me with it,” Chase said.

They are doing what they can to keep the store together. Cascio is offering big discounts in their online store.

“Hopefully it will continue. I will try to do as much advertising as possible and survive,” said Cascio.

Chase takes it day by day and holds on to her faith before anything else.

“I'm just going to stay quiet. I don't know what it's going to look like for me. My way is not God's way,” she said.

Chase has started a GoFundMe campaign to help with the repairs. You can donate at this link.

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