Keep Gas Meters Clear of Snow | Local News

Watertown Municipal Utilities is asking customers to ensure natural gas meters are kept free of snow and ice.

Gas meters have a vent that regulates the pressure, and if snow builds up and covers the vent, it may not function properly, causing service disruption.

Carefully remove snow and ice from natural gas meters using a broom or your hands.

It is also important that all exhaust vents from equipment such as B. Your furnace and water heater are free of blowing and drifting snow to ensure safe and proper operation. This is also a good time to make sure the fire hydrant on or near your property is clear of snow in the event of an emergency.

And remember, if you smell gas (rotten egg smell) or see a down or damaged power line, keep your distance and call Watertown Municipal Utilities immediately at 605-882-6233 or 911.

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