Kent plumbing company encourages home buyers to check their pipes

With the current highly competitive housing market, many people are choosing to forgo the standard home inspection in hopes of gaining an advantage over other buyers. But refusing an inspection comes with a huge risk, especially if the house is more than 20 years old.

One of the biggest problem areas: plumbing.

“We’ve had a number of clients lately tell us they just bought their house and now they need to replace the plumbing,” says Amrit Singh, owner of DrainPro Plumbing in Kent.

A common problem with installation in older homes is that the pipes are usually made of concrete or clay, which will wear down over time. The tubes can rupture or develop leaks, or the tube’s worn material can catch on debris or dirt and cause clogs. If the problem gets big enough, the only solution is to replace the entire system.

Re-piping a domestic plumbing system traditionally involves a lengthy, expensive and disruptive process of excavating and replacing the pipes with PVC pipe. Once it’s done, most homeowners will also need to hire a landscaper to repair the damage done to their yard.

But a relatively new technique, trenchless recasing or relining, can save time and money.

“We only have to excavate at one access point and from that point we can insert a new liner into the existing pipe system,” says Singh. “It minimizes excavation and gives the homeowner a lot less headaches.”

Singh says a typical relining job takes a day or two, as opposed to up to a week or more with the traditional method. “It won’t tear up your lawn either,” she adds.

“Replacing your plumbing system the traditional way is very expensive, as is paying monthly for snake or water jet nozzles to clear clogs. Relining is a cost-effective solution in the long term.”

Most plumbing companies that use the relining method outsource the work to another contractor, but DrainPro does the relining in-house. “Because we do everything ourselves, we can control pricing and pass the savings on to our customers,” says Singh.

As a plus, Singh notes that the resin material that DrainPro uses for the relining is guaranteed for up to 80 years.

“When people do their due diligence when buying a new home, they can find these problems,” Singh says. “Replacing your plumbing system the traditional way is very expensive, as is paying monthly for snake or water jet nozzles to clear clogs. Relining is a cost effective solution in the long run and definitely worth it.”

DrainPro Plumbing is based in Kent and serves the larger Puget Sound region. They offer a range of services aside from relining. Visit online

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