Kenya: Two Men Suffocate and Die in a Septic Tank in Kitengela

Two men who repaired a septic tank in the Kapiti area of ​​EPZ Kitengela on Wednesday died of suffocation while one of their colleagues escaped death by a mustache.

According to the management of the apartment where they worked, a plumber had been hired to carry out routine repairs to the leaking septic tank before the tragedy struck around 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses said three men inspected the apartment’s sewer system before opening the three septic tanks within the property to do some repairs.

One of the men in the septic tank was heard screaming, causing the other to rush to save him, but unfortunately he too drowned.

The other colleague’s screams attracted tenants of the two-story building and neighbors.

“My friend made a living repairing septic tanks. I was with him in the morning and we should meet in the evening to catch up. It is unfortunate that he died this way,” said one of the victim’s friends.

Surging crowd

Officials from the Kitengela Police Station, who were informed of the incident, immediately arrived to contain the crowd who had turned up to witness the incident.

The county government officials and officials found it difficult to contain the curious onlookers.

Those who showed up after the screams said they were unable to help due to the depth of the septic tanks that require access.

“Emergency calls brought us from our respective houses, but we couldn’t help much. A dangerous gas came out of the septic tank and we were scared,” said one tenant.

It took Kajiado emergency room and Kenyan Red Cross officials more than an hour to recover the bodies.

To confirm the incident, Charles Chepkonga, commander of Isinya Subdistrict Police, urged landlords to be careful when handling sewer systems to avoid such fatalities.

The town of Kitengela has no sewage system and landlords rely on septic tanks that are regularly emptied and disposed of in Machakos and Nairobi counties.

The bodies of the two were taken to the morgue of Kitengela Sub-County Hospital, where they awaited identification and an autopsy.

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