‘Kitchen Sink’ Storm Will Produce Multiple Impacts Next Week


  • A severe storm will move from the west into the central and eastern states early next week.
  • Significant impacts are possible from snow, wind, heavy rain and storms.
  • It is too early to provide concrete details about these impacts.

A widespread storm will bring anything but the kitchen sink in terms of impacts as it makes its way from the west into the central and eastern states early next week, including snow, high winds, heavy rain and severe storms.

The snowy side of this storm was named Winter Storm Finn by the Weather Channel.

(​PREDICTION: The Northeast is facing Winter Storm Ember this weekend)

Here’s when this storm will arrive in the US: This system will cross the West this weekend where it will bring snow and rain. Snow could impact travel in many valley and mountain towns in the Interior West, including Salt Lake City and Boise, Idaho.

The peak of impact in the central and eastern states will be Monday and Tuesday, lasting into Wednesday for some: Low pressure will strengthen as it moves from the Southern Plains toward the Great Lakes. This low will produce gusty winds in many areas while attracting abundant moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in widespread precipitation.

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Preparing for the storm early next week.

These impacts run the gamut depending on where you are: It is too early to provide detailed information on impacts as the storm’s track is still uncertain and it is still several days away. With that in mind, here’s a general overview of some of the things we saw in each region.

  • Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes: There will likely be a band of snowfall accompanied by strong winds in the colder air north of the storm track, anywhere from the Central Plains to the Midwest and Great Lakes. Areas on the warm side of the storm will experience heavy rain and gusty winds.
  • South: Severe storms are possible near the Gulf Coast states overnight and Monday. This threat could spread to parts of the southeastern states on Tuesday. Damaging winds, hail and some tornadoes are possible. Heavy rainfall could also lead to flooding in parts of the region.
  • Northeast: Heavy rain is expected along the Interstate 95 corridor from Boston to Washington, DC. Interior areas of the Northeast may see snow or a wintry mix first before any rain arrives. Flooding is possible in parts of the region, particularly where the ground is already saturated and rain is falling on fresh snowpack from the weekend storm.

The maps below show the general timing of the storm. However, note that this is likely to change in future updates. Check back with Weather.com as more details emerge in the coming days.

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Chris Dolce has been a senior meteorologist at Weather.com for over 10 years, having started his career at The Weather Channel in the early 2000s.

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