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The global leader in luxury kitchen and bathroom products, Kohler, will showcase the latest designs and smart home wellness experiences at CES 2024. Among them is Rista, a high-quality commercial 3D printed sink based on a concept Kohler developed in collaboration with designer Daniel Arsham. Merit3D’s Spencer Loveless saw it live at the show.

Kohler’s Rista 3D printed sink. Photo by Spencer Loveless, Merit3D.

Kohler’s project that led to the Rista sink began with the 3D printed Rock.01 sink. Here, a relatively simple shape was printed using a combination of internally developed technologies to print a glass-like material through pneumatic paste-based material extrusion. Too complex to create using traditional manufacturing methods, the extremely limited edition 3D printed sink consisted of 7.5 hours of continuously printed vitreous porcelain and patinated hand-cast brass. Therefore, Rock.01 was aptly described as “functional high art”.

The 3D printed Rock.01 sink was first introduced at Design Miami as part of Daniel Arsham’s nature-inspired “Stone Flow” installation for the Kohler showroom. It was also presented at a special “Fuorisalone” event by Kohler during Milan Design Week.

With its presence at CES 2024, Rista is taking this concept to the next level, making it accessible to a broader audience that can afford high-end luxury bathroom furniture, and it will likely be the first of a full range of new products. The new-to-market bathroom sink combines traditional craftsmanship with digital technology through Kohler’s exclusive and revolutionary method of 3D printing with glass-like porcelain material.

The German company’s product range reflects its ongoing commitment to transforming homes into personal havens for comfort, self-care and renewal. Its products feature advanced form and function, intuitive controls and seamless connectivity to enable customers to enjoy the wellness benefits of exceptional design solutions and luxurious spa experiences at home.

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