Lad quits plumbing to earn £40k travelling world with no living costs

A bloke has chucked in his snooze-fest day job as a plumber to live the dream as a musician on a cruise ship, raking in £40k a year and ticking off 40 countries from his travel list.

Jack Nolan, 33, branded his old gig as a plumber “boring” and “unfulfilling”, but he’s now hitting high notes since he jumped ship to cruises in 2016, pocketing £3,315 every month.

He’s been belting out tunes and strumming his guitar at night while soaking up the sun in stunning spots like Australia, Iceland and Canada by day.

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Jack spilled the beans on what it’s like to have a floating home and office. Despite having to serenade guests most evenings, he gets the whole day to himself perfect for a bit of sightseeing. Plus, he’s laughing all the way to the bank with zero rent or bills to pay, and even his meals are thrown in for free.

The Exeter lad has already ticked off some major bucket list goals, including the Acropolis in Greece, Rome’s Colosseum, the Great Barrier Reef down under, Hobbiton in New Zealand, and Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. The Devonshire crooner shared: “Not many jobs will let you see so many countries and experience so much culture.

“We also don’t pay for rent or food which is great – as they are two of life’s biggest expenses.”

Jack has been all over the world(Image: Jack Nolan / SWNS)

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