Lake George weighs stricter septic system rules

Sandy Bay on Lake George. Photo: Crown Focus Media

The Lake George Park Commission is holding a public hearing Tuesday on proposed stricter sanitation system regulations for shoreline property owners.

Under the draft rule, residential and commercial wastewater treatment plants within 500 feet of Lake George or 100 feet from its major tributaries would be required to be drained and inspected at least every five years.

Tony Hall of the Lake George Mirror said the rules were part of the Lake George Park Commission’s mandate when the state legislature renewed its charter in 1987.

“For a number of reasons, including staff shortages, these were never implemented,” Hall said. “But after harmful algal blooms were discovered in Lake George in 2020, it became important to put these regulations in place, and everyone seems to agree they are necessary.”

According to the Mirror, the new rules would affect 2,800 septic systems. Residential property owners would pay $50 a year and commercial owners $100 a year to fund the inspections.

Warren County is running a program that offers Lake George homeowners up to $10,000 to upgrade their sewer systems.

The public hearing will be held Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the Fort William Henry Conference Center. The Commission will accept written comments on the Rules by November 30th.

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