The DIY sector in the UK is currently booming. The receding pandemic and rising property values ​​have seen homeowners in the UK express interest in kitchen renovations.

One of the ways to improve the kitchen and increase its value is to add gadgets. Technology plays a crucial role in improving the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. Here are the latest kitchen tech trends for 2022.

smart devices

Smart devices allow homeowners to control them from their mobile devices. Refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, coffee makers and more use smart tech. You can turn them on or off and set them remotely. Some of the tech trends in home appliances include

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  • Ovens with voice assistants and networked online cooking functions
  • Precision cooker with temperature information
  • Food tracking refrigerators, cameras and recipe apps
  • Thermometers and scales connected to tablets or phones

Innovative fittings

Advanced Touch faucets are the latest trend in kitchen faucets. They are modern in style and fit in with contemporary design. Digital faucets have leak-proof and temperature control features. The digital temperature control enables automatic adjustment of the water temperature.

LED indicators in the faucets show the water temperature, making it easy to make changes if needed. You can pair the digital faucets with modern black kitchen sinks for the best aesthetic. Special spray technology in faucets helps to get rid of the most stubborn dirt. The concentrated jet of water also reduces splashes with its advanced water protection.

Sensors in fittings make kitchen work easier. All you have to do is touch the handle or spout anywhere to stop or start the water flow. Voice activated faucets help dispense water with voice activation.

steam ovens

The combi-steam oven is a popular alternative to conventional gas or electric ovens. The steam preserves the nutrients in the food, making it healthy and tasty.

Precise temperature control and faster cooking are the main benefits of using the steamer. It also reduces the risk of food burning. Better nutritional value and avoidance of cross-farning are other advantages of the steam cooker.

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Another innovative feature in ovens is the self-cleaning technology. The pyrolytic cleaning function in ovens helps get rid of the toughest grease and spills. The oven uses a very high temperature to turn the dirt into ash that you can easily wipe away. A stove with a liner is another affordable option. The liners absorb and burn the fat.


Busy work schedules leave very little time for cooking. Multicookers ensure less cooking time and many other advantages. The intelligent cookers can measure, chop, mix, knead and much more food in one place. You can prepare healthy food in less time without much effort.

Cooking different meals in one pot makes technology an advantage. You can clear the clutter of multiple devices. Cleaning is also easier with this one-stop solution.

Drying food is a tricky job. Leaving it in the oven too long or taking it earlier will not give you the texture and quality you need. The adjustable dehydrator makes your work easier. It creates warm air that spreads evenly through the trays. The built-in timer and temperature settings help control the process. Drying vegetables, fruit, meat and more is a hassle-free process with this device.

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exhaust fans

To get rid of cooking smells and grease, the extractor hood is very useful. You can find different types like a large metallic chimney-like hood over the cooktop.

There are discreet designs like small air vents hidden in the kitchen ceiling or in cabinet doors. A downdraft fan is hidden in the worktop and pops up when needed. The hob can connect to the extractor hood via infrared technology to adjust the speed.

disposal units

Although waste disposal has been a part of UK households for many years, the use of the latest technology in the units makes them more efficient. They are environmentally friendly and quiet in operation.

Instead of the usual disposal method, you can shred food waste in smart waste disposal and feed it directly to the sewage treatment plants. All you have to do is tip the leftovers down the drain and press a switch. In a few seconds, the food will be pulverized and sent to the water treatment plants.

In the UK, food waste is turned into fertiliser, making this type of technology a green solution. You no longer need separate waste containers.

Final Thoughts

The technology trends listed above show that technology can also be useful in the kitchen. The main purpose of using gadgets in the kitchen is to make your job easier. Many of the innovations not only make your work stress-free, but also ensure safety. There are many other intelligent kitchen solutions that can provide healthy, nutritious and tasty meals. This trend will continue and spread to other kitchen appliances.

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