Leading Tulsa Plumbers Answer this Region’s Unique Challenges

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Hard Water
Tree Roots in Sewer Lines
Soil Shifting
Freezing Temperatures
Our Tulsa Plumbers Can Help

As a Tulsa plumber, I have seen it all. From clogged toilets full of toys to burst pipes that turn bathrooms into wading pools – I’ve tackled every plumbing problem imaginable. But there are some particular types of calls that I’ve noticed here in Tulsa that my colleagues don’t see in other areas of the region or even in the country. Now, when homeowners or property managers call us at Torch, they rarely know if the cause of their issue has something to do with their locale – but there are times when it does. 

For instance, soap scum is a universal cause of clogged drains over time, but the process can speed up dramatically if you have hard water. Depending on whether the A.B. Jewel water treatment plant supplies your home or business, you may have hard water in Tulsa. 

As I worked to clear a drain recently, I couldn’t help but think about the hard water in Tulsa County’s impact on its residents’ plumbing systems. It’s one of a few problems that many homeowners (and business owners) in Tulsa have to look out for, and some require regular maintenance and attention.

Let’s review a few of the Tulsa plumbing issues specific to this city and region and how the experienced Tulsa plumbers of Torch Service Company are available to help quickly handle any problems you face. 

Hard Water Woes

You may have noticed that Tulsa is notorious for having hard water. It’s like our state’s way of flexing its mineral-rich muscles. Hard water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium. Over time, those minerals build up a stubborn layer of limescale in our faucets and shower heads or harden soap scum in drains. That build-up reduces water flow, which can take your morning shower down to a light drizzle… with the added joy of flooding in the tub. Not exactly an invigorating start to your day.

The Tulsa plumbers of Torch Service Company know their way around hard water issues and have the tools to tackle mineral deposits head-on with water softening systems, drain cleaning, and clearing out buildup in your faucets, pipes or even in your water heater. If you sign up for a Torch Tough Membership, you’ll get regular maintenance and cleanings to keep your water flowing smoothly and your fixtures sparkling.

Tree Roots in the Sewer Lines

Tree root intrusion is another common plumbing problem in the Tulsa area that can threaten your sewer lines and may be why you’re dealing with a blocked drain. The soil in Oklahoma is loamy and encourages healthy trees to abound. We also have aging infrastructure and a small crack in a sewer line can seem like the perfect home for a thirsty tree. Tree roots are naturally inclined to search for water sources, and our pipes often become a target.

A member of the Tulsa plumbing team with Torch Service Company can come out if you’re experiencing an issue with multiple drains backing up at once. We can assess your pipes and drains with a tiny camera and get down to the “root” of the problem. We also have the ability to clear the blockage and repair any damaged pipes with sewer repair and replacement.

You can also take a few preventative measures, such as getting your pipes regularly checked and repaired before an issue arises and installing root barriers if you think a tree is reaching for the sewer line in your yard. 

Shifting Soil and Your Tulsa Plumbing System

Oklahoma is prone to soil shifting due to its expansive clay content. The clay can expand and contract, like when you squeeze and then let go of a sponge, but when the earth does that, it can put pressure on your underground pipes. This constant push and pull can lead to leaks, cracks and even foundation issues!

A reliable plumber can regularly inspect your plumbing system, look for any damage or weak spots caused by soil shifting, provide the necessary repairs or adjustments, and even offer sump pump services, if necessary, underneath your home.

If you notice cracks in your foundation, a warm spot on your floor, or sudden changes in water pressure, don’t brush it off.  We can provide leak detection and a free estimate for more intensive plumbing services as soon as possible. 

Freezing Temperatures and Bursting Pipes

Freezing pipes aren’t just a Tulsa or Oklahoma thing, but our weather can be tricky sometimes. We’re not quite used to really harsh winters, but in the past few years, you can usually count on at least a few days that temperature drops so low you have to think about whether your pipes are going to freeze. 

When the weather gets really cold, unprotected or poorly insulated pipes can end up with water frozen inside of them. When water freezes, it expands and puts a lot of pressure on the pipes. If the pressure becomes too much, the pipes can crack or burst – causing water to flood and damage your home.

The time to start thinking about freezing pipes isn’t right before the first big freeze. Tulsa plumbers like the Torch team can wrap your pipes in insulation to protect them from those freezing temperatures and reduce the risk of dealing with a frozen or burst pipe. We can also check for any areas where your pipes may be exposed to a bigger chill than other parts of your home. 

I also stand by the popular recommendation of letting a little water trickle from the faucets when it’s really cold outside. Moving water is less likely to freeze, so it can help prevent your pipes from bursting.

Choose the Best Plumbers in Tulsa for Your Home and Commercial Needs

If you’re facing any of these plumbing issues or want to take preventive measures, Torch Service Company has a team of the best-licensed plumbers in Tulsa to help you. We’ve seen it all and know how to handle the plumbing problems specific to Tulsa and the surrounding region.

At Torch, we pride ourselves on being the best Tulsa plumbers for your home and commercial plumbing needs. Whether it’s hard water issues, tree root intrusion, soil shifting, or freezing temperatures, we have the knowledge, skills, and dedication to deliver top-notch service. We also offer emergency plumbing services throughout the Tulsa area. 

Learn more about our services or contact us today at Torch Service Company, so we can prove why we should be your go-to Tulsa plumbers.

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