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Do you suffer from slow or completely clogged drains? Servicing, repairing and replacing sewers and drains are our specialty! Whatever the cause of the clog, our technicians will offer you the best solutions to get your drains back in order. All of Bob’s technicians are proficient in the use of wireline and waterjet pipe cleaning equipment, as well as the latest technology for trenchless repairs and replacements from pipe construction to pipe bursts.
With trenchless sewer repair, we can replace your pipes without having to dig trenches in your yard. In addition, we can often get the job done in hours instead of the days it would take using traditional methods. Traditional methods require heavy excavation equipment, large trenches, and moving piles of earth. It will also damage your lawn and take longer to get the job done.
Things that damage your sewer lines
There are many things that can damage your sewer lines over time. This is especially true if your home was built more than 50 years ago, as the pipes used back then were not as strong as the materials we use today. Tree roots and debris are among the most common things that damage your sewer lines.
Signs of damage to the sewer line
Knowing the signs of sewer line damage is important to prevent further damage. Drainage problems and water damage are among the most common signs to look out for.
Call Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing today!
Our Santa Clarita Professional plumbers have over 50 years of industry experience in sewer and drain replacement. Your main sewer line is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. Bob’s guarantees our work and we always do our best to ensure customer satisfaction.
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