Lexington Plumbing Employs TRIC Tools’ M100 Pipe Bursting System

Lexington installs M100

I want one of these, this tool is amazing.

On December 1, 2016, Lexington Plumbing of Kansas City, MO used TRIC Tools 100 ton pipe bursting rig (M100) to replace 120 feet of an 8 inch sanitary sewer in Roeland Park, KS Lexington Plumbing supplied the M100 with their Bobcat E55. The pipe burst occurred at St. Agnes Catholic Church and School at 3220 W. 53rd Street, Roeland Park, KS. The job required 120 linear feet of 8″ clay plumbing sewer pipe to be replaced under the church parking lot, church driveway, and city street. The pipe was 15 feet below the surface. After the pipe insertion pit, bursting equipment pit, and containment were installed, ran the work very smoothly.

“With most burst pipe jobs I work on, there are a lot of questions in the training process that tend to slow the progress of the job,” noted Bill Seals, “Thanks to the professionalism of the Lexington (plumbing) crew, they really knew what they were doing , and got this job done with no problems. He continued, “I was really impressed with how quickly they got the job done.” Lexington Forman Jason Carver told Bill, “I want one of these, this tool is fantastic.” Lexington Plumbing purchased the X30 lateral bursting line in February 2016 Tool by TRIC. Since purchasing the X30 pipe bursting system, Lexington Plumbing has completed approximately 20 pipe bursting jobs.

TRIC invented and patented the first side bursting system while also obtaining national approval of HDPE pipe for its use, opening the market for trenchless domestic sewer line replacement in America.

For more information on trenchless rupture systems or the trenchless industry in general, please call 888-883-8742 or visit TRIC’s website at: http://www.trictrenchless.com to see how they address all of these questions you can answer. Get your trenchless sewerage and water replacement service on the right foot, one site at a time.

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