Little Britain supervisors review septic system requirements in township | Community News

When: Little Britain supervisors meeting on 14th June

What happened: During the public participation portion of the meeting, resident George Osborn asked how township residents need to pump their septic systems and what can be done for homeowners who make minimal use of their systems.

Background: As of 2020, the municipality required all residential sewage treatment plants to be pumped every three years, per state Department of Environmental Protection guidelines. To phase in the program, the community was divided into three sections, with regions beginning in consecutive years. At this point, some residents may have forgotten what their region is or moved to the municipality without knowing the regulations.

Why it matters: Seniors, singles, or anyone with low wastewater consumption can apply for an extension to five or seven years instead of three. To obtain an extension, the first step is to get a letter from a sewage pumping company confirming that the system is operational and does not require pumping every three years. Another letter of application should come from the property owner to the supervisory board, which can allow exceptions in individual cases.

What happens next: A map of pumping regions is available on the municipality’s website and will be included in the municipality’s newsletter along with a reminder of which region is due in the current calendar year.

Other events: To date, the State Department of Transportation has not responded to Little Britain’s application for permission to improve the Black Road. Several deaths have occurred at the junction of Black and Little Britain streets. The community stands ready to make improvements at its own expense to increase visibility once PennDOT’s approval is received.

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