Local plumber offers tips to prevent frozen pipes

WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) – In unusual freezing weather, local plumbers say you should wrap your exposed water pipes.

Plumbers receive a large number of inquiries about how to prevent pipes from freezing or thawing.

Jerry Sykes Jr, owner of Jerry’s Plumbing and Repair, says if you wrap your pipes they can still freeze depending on the location.

“If you don’t have a tap or some sort of relief, the winds and temperatures themselves will swell and burst at that point,” Sykes said.

He says there are a few ways you can prevent freezing.

“You should open your kitchen cabinets and vanity units to allow the heat from the house to get to the pipes,” said Sykes. “Let your faucets drip hot and cold in different faucets so you know what kind of electricity you have. Cover or wrap your outside home bib. “

If they freeze, there’s not much you can do, says Sykes.

“At this point it is really a waiting game when they thaw out. There are some tools that can be used to attach pipes and heat to reduce the frozen part, but mostly just give time to thaw, ”said Sykes.

When pipes burst with running water, he tells you to close your stop valve and call a plumber.

“If it has to be water shut-off valves, if it’s connected properly, there is a shut-off valve on your meter. There is usually a shut-off valve that is usually about 18 inches from the wall outside the house at the entrance. Sometimes you can turn off the heater on the water heater, ”said Sykes.

A plumber can repair broken pipes by temporarily covering them or by replacing parts of the pipe.

Sykes says you can try to fix the problem yourself, but it’s best to call a licensed plumber.

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