Lynden, partners launch Septic Smart Campaign | News

The city of Lynden has partnered with Whatcom County Health and Whatcom Conservation District to launch a septic smart campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to provide financial incentives for wastewater treatment plant owners to maintain their systems or move to Lynden City’s sewerage system.

Failure of local sewage systems (OSS) or septic systems within the city limits are a potential source of pollution for Lynden ‘waterways.

According to the press release, there are currently 167 OSS within Lynden city limits.

These systems require regular maintenance and, according to the health department, should be checked regularly to ensure that they are working properly.

This Septic Smart campaign aims to motivate city residents with OSS to have their septic systems assessed and maintained, either by a professional or by themselves, and to take their OSS out of service and connect to the sewer using the city’s Septic-to-Sewer program to manufacture.

The launch of this smart septic tank campaign will raise awareness, motivate homeowners to evaluate and maintain their sewage treatment plants, and encourage some eligible households to join city sewers.

The Septic Smart campaign builds on education and outreach to educate Lynden residents with OSS of their eligibility to participate in the city and Whatcom County’s incentive programs.

Whatcom County offers a septic tank discount that reimburses certain costs related to a system assessment, installation of operating and maintenance equipment, or pumping of septic tanks.

Discounts based on actual cost by a licensed professional are available for system appraisals (up to $ 100), equipment installation (up to $ 100), or septic tank pumping (up to $ 200).

A discount campaign must be selected for each property.

Lynden launched a Septic to Sewer Program (STS) in 2016 because of concerns about possible pollution from failing systems.

This program provides a financial incentive to eligible OSS owners in Lynden to be connected to the city’s sewer system by waiving the connection fees (FCI) of currently US $ 7,126 for a single family home.

Lynden Mayor Scott Korthuis said the city of Lynden is “committed to good environmental practices, including ensuring good water quality in the streams and rivers that run through our community”.

“I’m quite proud of our award-winning sewage treatment system and want to make sure residents of communities with sewage treatment are aware of their responsibilities and are aware of the great opportunity the city’s septic tank program offers,” said Korthuis.

Proper management of wastewater is vital to water quality in the city of Lynden and also for those who live downstream, the press release said.

Proper treatment can be achieved through a well-maintained OSS or by remodeling and connecting to the city’s sewage collection system and treatment facility.

For more information on the Septic Smart Campaign or the Septic to Sewer Program, visit or call the Public Works Department at 360-354-3446.

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