Majewski Plumbing Installs Beneficial Smart Technology

Majewski Plumbing, based in Villas, New Jersey, recently discussed the benefits of installing smart technology in the home in a post on its website. The company aims to help homeowners save money by educating the community about the benefits of smart technology. Find out more here:

In today’s world there are many ways to save energy and reduce costs. For example, a person can ask their digital assistant to turn on the lights and music, or set timers on washing machines. Smart devices are capable of doing many tasks, but the post begs the question of whether people are taking full advantage of the smart devices available in the market. If you regularly use virtual assistants and devices, or are interested in smart home technology, you may want to learn more about how you can make your home smarter and also save financially. The post also asks whether the payout is worth it in the end if an upfront investment is required to install smart home devices. In short, the answer is yes. Home automation can reduce the annual running costs of a person or family by an average of 10%. This may not seem like much at first, but 10% per year can add up to a substantial amount. Find out more here:

With smart devices, a person can not only save money but also waste less energy. In fact, Americans spend $ 130 billion on wasting energy. While smart devices cannot save a person money on entertainment, rent, or a mortgage, implementing home automation can result in savings on inevitable costs such as utility bills. The more devices you have at home, the more money you save. One of the smart devices that can be beneficial is a smart thermostat. They work beyond the scope of programmable thermostats, as intelligent thermostats can optimize a house’s heating and cooling processes. A smart thermostat adapts to a person’s daily routines and prevents warm or cold air from being drawn into rooms or rooms that are not used at certain times. The smart thermostat can be controlled from a device connected to the internet so that the thermostat can be controlled even when he is not at home.

Smart security is another example of this technology. If you equip the house with intelligent security systems such as surveillance cameras, spotlight cameras or video doorbells, you can be surprised how much money can be saved. Systems such as RING, Wink or Nest can be merged with other smart home devices in order to be controlled via voice commands to a virtual assistant already at home as well as via your own voice commands or from a smartphone, an automation hub or a computer / tablet become. Intelligent security systems save money as they minimize the risk of theft and break-ins. You can also alert the owner of a sudden drop in temperature in their home that can protect them from frozen pipes that cause flooding. An intelligent security system turns on the lights for the owner at a set time, or the lights can be turned on via a phone or other device – which lowers the house’s energy consumption. Find out more here:

Smart plumbing options like Moen’s Flo and smart valves are also great ways to save money on water and electricity bills. The smart valve can be voice activated to execute commands, e.g. B. the request to start the shower when it should be started. It also compresses the air in the water supply before it reaches the water meter, which means it doesn’t overload the owner. The smart valve also prevents water pressure drops and ensures that the water meter is running in its normal flow range. Finally, the Smart Valve ensures that the supply is not overloaded. Moen’s Flo protects the house from water damage and leaks with an alarm that is sent to an automation hub, smartphone or computer / tablet.

Flo can be installed on existing fixtures and pipes and can be sensitive to any type of pressure and temperature change. The owner will be notified before a disaster strikes as The Flo can shut down the system before a leak occurs, reducing water damage and the need for restoration and repairs. Homeowners can provide the insurance company with proof of smart security and plumbing devices and even save on the homeowner’s insurance (as they may be eligible for a lower rate). The post includes more examples of automated lighting systems and the Wink Automation hub, as well as the general benefits of smart technology at home.

Majewski Plumbing is on the cutting edge of smart home technology and offers a customer many different smart home automation options (including Moen’s RING and FLO). For more information, visit the company’s official website or contact the team by phone or email.


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