Make Your Kitchen Glisten With These 8 Bestselling Cleaning Tools From Amazon, Starting at $3

There is always some cleaning task that needs to be done in the kitchen. Dishes need to be washed, floors scrubbed, and counters wiped down. But if you have the right tools on hand, these tedious tasks will be a lot quicker and a whole lot easier.

It can be overwhelming since there are so many options to choose from and some of them cost a pretty penny. That's why we took a moment to find eight top-rated kitchen cleaning tools and gadgets on Amazon that will make life easier for all of us. Think dishwashing brushes, spray mops and brooms. And none of them will break the bank, as each selection costs $34 and under.

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Rawnori 2 Piece Straw Cleaning Brush Set


Reusable straws need to be cleaned even if you only use them for water, and washing them in the dishwasher or sink isn't always enough. You have to be able to get into it. Over 18,700 buyers have found these straw cleaning brushes to be the best solution. The set consists of two slim brushes measuring 10 inches long. Each brush features 5cm long nylon bristles that remove the material that has built up in your straws, whether they are made of stainless steel, silicone or glass. At $3, adding this set to cart is a no-brainer.

OXO Good Grips dishwashing brush


From scrubbing cookware to cleaning glassware, this dishwashing brush has won over 20,000 seals of approval from buyers. It is safe to use on all cookware, including non-stick surfaces. The handle features a rubberized grip area for a comfortable grip and is long enough to protect your hands from hot, soapy water. It features an angled brush head with nylon bristles and a built-in scraper that easily handles washing and removing food particles and dirt. “Stubborn foods and oils can be removed easily and without much effort,” writes one shopper, adding that he is thrilled that there are “no more smelly sponges” in his kitchen. The best part is that you can also put it in the dishwasher to keep it clean.

Mexerris floor mop with sprayer


When it comes to finding a mop for the kitchen floor, this spray mop, which has over 19,800 five-star reviews, is the way to go. It is suitable for tiles, wood, laminate and ceramics and therefore covers most kitchens. The two included refillable bottles make it easy to fill with the cleaning solution of your choice. It also comes with four microfiber mop pads that are reusable and machine washable. With a simple trigger on the handle, it sprays the solution as you mop, making it easy to get your floor clean and shiny again. Right now it's only $24.

2 piece scrub brush set from Amazon


To remove stuck-on dirt from your worktop or the grout on the kitchen backsplash, you need a good scrubbing brush. According to buyers, this two-piece set is perfect for the job. It has received over 7,800 perfect reviews for its durability and ease of use. “It worked wonderfully to clean the grout lines in the kitchen floor,” confirmed one reviewer. This is because of their user-friendly design. Each scrub brush measures 5.8 x 2.5 x 3.8 inches and features a handle with rubber grooves, making them comfortable to hold. The bristles are made of durable nylon that is soft but sturdy enough to remove dirt and debris. And when you're done, there's also a hole for easy hanging for storage. At just $5 each, it's hard to pass up.

Bissell Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


This Bissell stick vacuum has over 71,000 five-star reviews and is very popular with buyers who appreciate how easy it is to pick up and use in their kitchen. It's compact and lightweight, weighing just 3.7 pounds and comes with everything you need. It is a stick vacuum that is ideal for quickly removing crumbs and dirt from your floor, including the carpets in your kitchen. It also converts into a handheld vacuum to vacuum up the crumbs on your counter, bar stools, or chairs. A crevice nozzle is included so that you can reach hard-to-reach places. The vacuum cleaner is bagless and can be disassembled at the touch of a button to easily empty any residue in the trash can. Buy it for just $34.

OXO Good Grips extendable tile scrubber


While this extendable scrubber may not be at the top of your kitchen cleaning gadgets list, Amazon shoppers report that it has been a big help in their own spaces. It received over 27,000 five-star reviews, with one reviewer writing, “This scrubber really extends my reach and allows me to get my job done.” They also added that they were able to use it in the kitchen, writing that it helps them reach areas of their kitchen backsplash that they originally couldn't reach. The handle extends quickly with a twist and measures from 26 inches to 42 inches long. The generously sized nylon head measures 5.8 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches and has a clever pointed shape so it can get into corners, crevices and other areas that are normally difficult to reach. Plus, it swivels to reach any angle so you can continue cleaning with ease.

Black and Decker Dustbuster cordless handheld vacuum cleaner


An essential kitchen cleaning product is a handheld vacuum cleaner. It vacuums up everything that you don't want to lug around a whole vacuum cleaner for, for example breadcrumbs, pieces of cereal, coffee grounds or dirt. This Black and Decker model is a compact machine measuring 17.1 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches. It is conveniently rechargeable, so there is no cable in the way when cleaning. The built-in crevice tool removes stray crumbs from the corners. Unlike other models, this one features a bagless, see-through dirt container so you can see when it needs to be emptied. “It is easy, [has] Great suction and perfect for quick kitchen cleans,” says one customer. Hang it with the included wall mount so you always have it handy when you need it.

TreeLen Broom and Dustpan Set


Brooms and dustpans are practical tools to always have at hand, and this model has a very practical function: the parts can be put together to save space. It is also a good choice for people who are tired of bending over to sweep, as both the broom and dustpan have long handles. The 52-inch-long broom features angled soft bristles that make it easier to reach hard-to-reach areas. The dustpan features a 38.5-inch long steel handle and a rubber lip that prevents dirt from getting under the shovel. So far, it has received over 27,300 five-star reviews. Right now you can snag it on sale for just $23.

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