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AMESBURY — A West Townsend man who was high on crystal methamphetamine when he broke into a woman’s home on Rocky Hill Road in July pleaded guilty to two counts in Newburyport District Court on Thursday and was sentenced to five months in prison .

Aaron Fairbanks, 47, was originally sentenced to two years on burglary and burglary charges for a felony/person in fear, but Judge Allen Swan suspended all but five months for two years while on probation. Since Fairbanks has remained in custody since his arrest, he has been credited with serving time and will be released.

However, Swan ordered Fairbanks to attend and complete an inpatient mental health program during the probationary period. Fairbanks also needs to stay out of trouble with the law, remain drug and alcohol free with random screens and stay away from and no contact with the woman.

Fairbanks also pleaded guilty to possession of a Class B substance and was sentenced to five months in prison, which will be served. Before sentencing, Fairbanks’ attorney told Swan that his client was “lucky to be alive at this point, given the litter on the streets.”

Amesbury Police Officer Shawn O’Brien and other officers responded to Rocky Hill Road on July 24, 2021 after a woman said Fairbanks broke into her home and went to the kitchen to wash up. Shortly before, the woman saw Fairbanks outside trying to use her garden hose.

“[The woman]said Aaron told her he needed water,” O’Brien wrote in his report. “[The woman]told me that Aaron had pushed past her at that point, but hadn’t physically touched her. (The woman) stated that Aaron ran into the kitchen and started washing his hands in the sink.”

The woman yelled at him to leave, but he ignored her. At one point, he ran into another room and unzipped his pants, the report said. The woman then ran outside and called the police.

Fairbanks was still in the house when the police arrived. When O’Brien asked what he was doing around the house, Fairbanks said he had to wash his hands because they had been sprayed with chemicals.

Fairbanks then began yelling random, alarming phrases, such as that the house was collapsing and that he needed help getting up.

“Don’t touch me, I’m radioactive,” Fairbanks said, according to O’Brien’s report.

When police searched Fairbanks, they found a crack cocaine pipe and a small plastic bag filled with 10 grams of methamphetamine.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News of Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News of Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.

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