McDonald’s workers left disgusted after checking behind a sink in the kitchen

A McDonald's employee posted the reaction of a colleague who was disgusted after looking behind the sink in the chain's kitchen.

In a post on Reddit that really got people talking, a crew member decided to take a photo of the mop sink at McDonald's.

We can see the mop basin that has been removed from its base and what looks like black mold that has completely covered the area. The McDonald's employee in the photo clearly looks disgusted by what he sees.

“A crew member's reaction to years of disgusting water, food debris, and mold buildup under an improperly sealed mop basin (the mop basin was literally floating),” the OP wrote in the Reddit thread.

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People are disgusted by the sink at McDonald's

After the photo was shared on Reddit, McDonald's colleagues were eager to share their thoughts.

“I can smell that,” someone wrote, clearly upset about the condition of the sink.

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“I had the same reaction when I saw the top of our ice cream maker in the kitchen,” another shared.

“Well, you still made it through all the visits, so good job!” said one jokingly.

One commenter tried to explain what was going on by writing, “I have never seen a mop that was removable. I'm just assuming it was never installed properly, let alone sealed. All the mop sinks (also called floor sinks) I’ve seen are stone sinks.”

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“Either mop sinks crack or the drain fails. Water (mold) begins to collect underneath and around it. Replacement costs a lot of money and sometimes parts of the FRP and wall also need to be replaced,” another speculated.

Another McDonald's employee went viral after the way he treated a customer who came in every day and complained.

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