Meet man behind Kaduna mobile shop for brooms, garden tools

Riding his tricycle through the streets of Kaduna, surrounded by brooms, gardening and plumbing tools, is 55-year-old Bashir Ahmad, an indigene of Zamfara State who recently moved to Kaduna State in search of greener pastures. Bashir caught the attention of Arewa Trust Weekly with his unique business idea of ​​selling his wares not on foot but on a tricycle.

In a chat with our correspondent, the 55-year-old narrated how he was forced to leave his hometown in Zamfara State two years ago in search of new ways to clear his debts. Although Bashir has a formal education, he would rather receive capital to start a business than work for the government. He said the motivation to start such a business came from his experience as a blacksmith, hawking items he made, such as garden tools, from one place to another.

However, since his arrival in Kaduna, he was able to purchase a motorcycle which he used to sell his brooms and other items before later purchasing a tricycle which he has now been using as a mobile shop for six months.

According to Bashir, through his newly established business he was able to provide for his family's needs and his greatest achievement would be paying off the debts in Zamfara that caused him to leave his hometown.

“The business is quite lucrative, but I don't mind making a lot of money; If I have a little today and a little tomorrow, I am satisfied because I know that Allah has chosen it for me.

“Right now my goal is to pay off my debts. So if I make good sales, I will send the money to offset some of the debt and the day I clear my debt, I will return home because that is the reason why I am in Kaduna,” he stressed.

He said to attract customers, he targets places where people congregate and parks his tricycle in the hope that some items will attract any passerby. Bashir urged youth to venture into various business ventures to earn a living. He noted that Islam gives no room for idleness while urging Nigerians to be content with whatever they have and not expect the government to do everything for them. “It is very worrying how Muslims wait for people to give them weapons instead of standing up and working for themselves. “If someone is not satisfied in life, no matter how rich they are, they will still have needs that are not being met,” he said.

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