Metallica Fan Takes Peeing To The Next Level With Fully Functional Lars Ulrich Toilet

from Corey Atad. 15 hours ago

Make a leak as metallic as possible.

This week, artist, designer, and super metalhead Prince Midnight debuted his latest creation: a full-size model by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich that also happens to be … a toilet.

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Midnight shared photos of the artwork showing Ulrich’s model holding drumsticks and sitting without pants on the back of the “fully functional” toilet.

Fans who wish to use the toilet will have the option to sit in the bathroom at the artist’s Hellmouth Plumbing Supply art exhibit in Tampa, Florida starting December 3.

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For the past few months, Midnight has been sharing updates on Instagram so fans can follow his journey into creating the epic toilet.

Midnight also caught attention earlier this year for turning the actual skeleton of his dead uncle into a working electric guitar.

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