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From simple faucet installation to complete sewer line replacement, Metro Plumbing has you covered. Metro Plumbing reviews are licensed, insured, veteran owned, and LGBTQ friendly. Reviews range from fast and friendly to super professional and highly recommended. In fact, it’s hard to find a bad review for the duo of Edmund “Rocky” Hollub and Victor Lopez.

Hollub, 42, is a Houston native who spent 14 years in the Army. He spent his first seven years on active duty, including a year-long deployment to Iraq. The rest of the time, Hollub used his benefits to complete his bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix and a master plumbing license.

My dad was a plumber and asked me to just get my plumbing license because I would always find work,” he recalls. “I met Victor through the plumbing profession. I was already an experienced “salty” guy and worked mostly alone. I think they brought him in to get him to quit or something. Instead, I found someone special. Eager to learn and took criticism much better than most. This resulted in the best friendship I could have ever wished for. His honesty and how hard he works; I couldn’t ask for anything better. I moved away for a while and when I came back we talked about starting our own business. and here we are.”

Lopez’s story was a little different.

“I started working in the refinery as a scaffolder straight after graduating from high school,” he says. “Over the years of jumping from factory to factory, I realized that this was not my passion. I saw a plumbing company that kept coming to the refinery where I worked. That night I told myself I needed a job that would always be there no matter what. So the next day I gave my two weeks notice, called the plumbing company and was hired. On my first day I was assigned to work with Rocky. Over time we became best friends, he taught me a lot of plumbing.”

“He helped me become a better person by always finding ways to help me get better,” Hollub says. “With this thought process that always pushed me and the support to lift me up when it was time, I learned to be kind to everyone. It’s so easy to be nice. Why not? I want to feel good when dealing with people. It’s a type of mindset where my goal is to remember to get to know the person every time. Even if it’s just a little. Total bonus to make a real friend here and there.” That pretty much sums up her relationship with the LGBTQ community and all of her customers.

Victor Lopez (l) and Rocky Hollub (Images by Alex Rosa for OutSmart)

Metro Plumbing also offers 24-hour emergency service as well as water line and gas line repairs. And gas is something Houstonians should think about during hurricane season because when the power goes out, the gas stays on for the generators.

An important plumbing upgrade to better prepare for hurricanes would be to install a whole-house gas generator, which we make easy for our customers to install,” says Lopez.

Hollub also has a few tips for this time of year.

“I would say two things,” Hollub adds. “First, there are many options for building natural gas-powered whole-house generators that fit most budgets. From permitting to installation to green labeling, this can be completed in just 48 hours.”

And while most Houstonians think about hurricane season, it’s not too early to think about winter. After 2021’s Winter Storm Uri, which brought almost unprecedented subfreezing temperatures and ice that left many Houstonians in the dark, it may be time to think about winter precautions for your home.

“First, and this is the best time to do this and it’s inexpensive,” says Hollub, “buy a freeze miser for every hose faucet outside for next winter.” A freeze miser works by dripping when the temperature drops below freezing falls so it automatically drips and prevents pipes from freezing.

“No plumber is required for installation,” emphasizes Hollub. This is a little free tip, just another example of the friendly service and quality work you will receive from Metro Plumbing.

Best of all, Metro Plumbing is offering a 10% discount to anyone who mentions this Outwit Magazine as well as to seniors, veterans, first responders and educators.

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