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MILL HALL – Changes may be made to the Mill Hall Borough Motor Vehicle Harassment Ordinance.

The council cleared proposals for amendments to be sent to attorney Paul Ryan of Coploff, Ryan, Welch & Houser for review.

Four amendments have been proposed to the Council by its Police and Security Committee, including:

– The vehicle owner has an abandoned vehicle on one or the other property.

– The vehicle registration has expired for more than a calendar year.

– The vehicle inspection has expired more than a calendar year.

– The vehicle contributes to the disease states in Mill Hall Borough.

Police Chief Brandon Coleman told the council that the abandoned vehicle classifications in the current ordinance, which was created in 1969, are no longer as viable today.

In the current ordinance, which was only made one change in 1990, there are several physical defects such as broken antennae, broken windshield, flat tires, and rusted bumpers and frames that aren’t as common, Coleman said.

“We have a lot of vehicles that don’t have many aspects of our regulation like the flat tires and all that where the registration and inspection part would be of great help to us.” he said.

Councilor Karen Houser asked if a year after the inspection might be too long.

“I think this is too long to sit around garbage” Houser said.

“Here’s the thing we’re looking at – one year, as a vehicle owner, how could you go before a district judge and say,” Oh, I was working on fixing it. “It’s been over a year, you’re not going to fix it, or you haven’t tried hard enough or something.” Coleman answered.

Councilor Rainelle Wallace agreed to the timeframe.

“I think this is a good grace period. I mean, you might think there are people who have probably been driving out of control for a while. “ She said.

Council Chairman Tony Walker noticed some vehicles in the district that he knows could be considered abandoned under the new regulation. He said their inspections expired in 2017.

“If we look at our ordinance as it is written, it doesn’t give us a lot of teeth in some of the abandoned vehicles and in the other junk that has been around the community for some time.” he said.

The changes will be passed on to Ryan, who will create a new regulation for the council to consider at a future meeting, Secretary Brandi Yost said.

Councilor Dan McCloskey was absent from the Mill Hall Borough Fire Hall meeting on Tuesday.

Several public works were approved in another economic council, including:

– Purchase of a sewer inspection pipe inspection camera kit for $ 2,731.65 from Ohio Power Tool. The kit contains the camera, the monitor, two batteries and a charger.

– The public works director requested, Ryan Kunes, approaches Pine Creek Township for future street sweeper operations. The community usually uses the town of Lock Haven, but Kunes said they were secured because of projects with PennDOT. The city could rent the project in late June or July at the earliest, Kunes said. The cost of using Pine Creek Townships would be about $ 40 more, but Yost didn’t have an exact quote for the city.

– Approved the rental of a vacuum trailer to clean the catch basins in the community. Kunes said the trailer would help vacuum debris from the sumps faster. He said it took staff two months to hand clean them. Sunbelt Rental’s trailer costs $ 2,100 for two weeks.

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