Misaligned sewer line prompts emergency repairs on Pine Avenue in Downtown • Long Beach Post News

A portion of Pine Avenue from First Street to Ocean Boulevard in downtown Long Beach will continue to be closed over the next two days as construction crews complete emergency repairs due to a misaligned sewer line.

Lauren Howland, a spokeswoman for Long Beach Utilities, said the city's routine annual inspection found the main sewer line in the area to be misaligned.

During the inspection, crews used a camera to examine the sewer lines, which alerted them to the problem, Howland said.

Because the problem was in a main sewer line under a high-traffic area and it could lead to a larger problem under the roadway in the future, Howland's department asked emergency contractors to make repairs as quickly as possible.

Repair work began Monday and workers have since completed the work underground, Howland said, adding that they are now repaving the area but all construction is expected to be completed by Thursday.

Editor's note: This story has been updated with a new timeline for completion of Long Beach Utilities.

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