MITER Foundation Grants Funding to A Safe Place of Prescott Valley for Water Heater

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A Safe Place is a faith-based ministry founded five years ago by a small group of local friends and incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2020.

MITER Foundation, A Safe Place, Prescott Valley, community, homeless shelter, homelessnessMITER Foundation, A Safe Place, Prescott Valley, community, homeless shelter, homelessness

Currently operating out of a minivan equipped with non-perishable foods, hot and cold beverages, juices, Gatorade, clothing, toiletries, tents, sleeping bags, and Bibles to meet survival and spiritual needs, provide hope, and lead people in other ministries and resources that can help lift them out of homelessness.

A Safe Place is preparing to open a drop-in center (center) next to Granite Mountain Behavior Health in Prescott Valley

The center is just weeks away from opening and will be a “shelter” for homeless people in the Prescott Valley, providing space for showering, getting clean clothes, eating, resting from the elements, socializing and more offers more. Parking or staying overnight is not permitted in the center. It is exclusively a day center. The goal is to provide a space for homeless people, some of whom have full- or part-time jobs but cannot afford housing, so they can access resources that can improve their quality of life and provide a path to stable housing.

The center needed a 50-gallon water heater (estimated to cost $800 without installation) to serve the shower, bathroom and laundry area

Vice Mayor Lori Hunt sent the request to a local company, Milgard Windows. Within days, she was told in an email from Stan Goligoski, production manager, that the company's local foundation (known as the MITER Foundation, the parent brand of Milgard Windows and Doors) wanted to provide $800 toward the purchase of the water heater.

On May 1, 2024, Milgard representatives Mike Reinert – Regional Operations Director, Ike Smith – Prescott Valley Manufacturing Plant Operation Manager, Ben Scott – Prescott Valley Maintenance Manager and Stan Goligoski met to present the check for the water heater to Mike Zywanski, Chairman , presented by A Safe Place and Lori Hunt. The MITER Foundation focuses on supporting local communities in four areas: Local Outreach; veterans initiatives;
child welfare; Cancer awareness and research.

Milgard and the MITER Foundation are not the only local businesses supporting A Safe Place and the Center

Eric Strobel, State Farm Insurance agent, wrote a check that paid for the washing machine, and Robyn Hazelwood, owner of Pet Headquarters, donated a clothes dryer. Mike Zywanski said, “Without the help of these companies, improvements to the center would have been delayed or we would have provided fewer resources.”

Individuals donated furnishings. The center also needs individually packaged food, bottled water or soft drinks, various survival supplies (tents, sleeping bags, blankets), toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes and fuel cards. This resource helps guests access employment, housing applications, social security and disability.

The center's closest neighbor, Granite Mountain Behavior Health, provides outpatient help for addiction and recovery, mental and behavioral health issues such as anxiety and serious mental illness, social determinants of health such as employment issues, and transitional housing, to name a few. Within the center, on-site advocates from the Coalition for Compassion and Justice (CCJ) and Catholic Charities will be available to help people experiencing homelessness access essential services such as health care, temporary housing and permanent housing .

To donate to A Safe Place of Prescott Valley, please visit for more information or leave a voicemail message at 928-458-9275.

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