Mom Shares Her Essential Hack for Cleaning a Bathroom In a House Full of Boys

Cleaning the bathroom, or even cleaning in general, can be a tough and tedious process, especially if you don’t live alone and only clean up for yourself. Now imagine that you have to do that after a bunch of guys. A bunch of boys who aren’t old enough to clean up after themselves, which makes the bathroom pretty gross before long.

Luckily we have a mom who found a quick and easy solution to help you on your cleaning journey!


TikTok’s BayouDoll has a bunch of boys living in her house, and like many boys, those kids don’t quite know how to aim (if you know what we’re talking about!). This leaves the bathroom, especially the toilet area, quite a mess. But luckily, Ms. Bayou knows the exact solution that doesn’t involve dunking the entire toilet in a bucket of bleach!

Instead, just get your bleach mixture and pour it into a needle-tipped bottle. This way you don’t spray every surface with bleach and you have less scrubbing and cleaning up to do! You can just put the mixture right where you need it, let it sit there for a little bit to really get into those stains and spills, then wipe away! Not only does this make cleaning easier, but it also keeps the entire room from smelling excessively of bleach!

Now you could take a page from many, many commentator books and add a drain in the middle of your bathroom too! Then all you have to do is bleach the whole thing and hose it off like you’re doing something outside! It might not be that attractive, but it sure would make things that little bit easier! Others also suggest adding shaving cream to your cleaning routine as it helps break down overwhelming odors and cleans at the same time!

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