Nanoose Bay water pipe replacement costs go up by more than $500,000 – Nanaimo News Bulletin

Nanaimo county directors increased the budget for a water pipeline replacement project in Nanoose Bay by more than half a million dollars.

The RDN board of directors, at its September 28 meeting, approved a motion directing employees to enter into a deal with Milestone Contracting Ltd.

The residents of Nanoose Bay had given the RDN permission in a referendum in 2014 to borrow $ 2.1 million for work on numerous aqueducts, including work on Outrigger Road, Dolphin Drive and Dorcas Point Road the only one not yet completed. The amounts approved so far are no longer sufficient, according to a staff report.

The contract was considered cheap as the work can coincide with other work by a developer in the area, “avoiding cutting into fresh asphalt,” the staff report said.

Murray Walters, RDN water services manager, said work is being done to meet safety regulations.

“The three remaining sections of the aqueduct on this list are being replaced because they are not suitable for fire protection for development and upgrading in these areas,” said Walters. “That is the only reason why we are changing the water pipes just to meet the requirements for fire currents.”

At an RDN board meeting on Sept. 7, Bob Rogers, director of the Nanoose Bay area, inquired about the cost of the work on Dorcas Point, and Ellen Tian, ​​RDN general manager of engineering and utilities, said the price could go up .

“The current estimated cost will be more than $ 1 million,” Tian said at the meeting. “I’m pretty sure we’ll be up to, about, [$500,000] additional funding. Whether there will be additional credit or whether we can meet the needs from the reserves, we need to sit down with our financiers to have a better understanding. “

Dorcas Point’s work will be included in the upcoming budget, and in a subsequent speech to the News Bulletin, Rogers said he believed there would be funds in the next year to complete the work.

“How we’ve worked through this project when we get to the last [few]The cost of these projects has of course increased over the past seven years, ”said Rogers. “So it’s just a matter of reconfiguring. The work at Outrigger is now done at the same time as the work down there in Schooner Cove … We try to do this together so we don’t have to re-pave it a few times. “

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