New Hope Primary School in Westmoreland gets water purification system | News

New Hope Primary School at White House, Westmoreland, recently welcomed a major addition to its facilities in the form of a large water purification machine.

This new installation, made possible through a partnership with the Sandals Foundation, which procured the device from Sip Water Lifesaver, is designed to benefit not only the school but also the entire community by providing a reliable source of clean and safe drinking water .

Acting Principal Latoya Green-Ruddock told JIS News that the school community was grateful for the collaboration that enabled the provision of the essential facility.

She emphasized the critical role it will play in providing clean drinking water to both students and staff at the school, as well as residents of the White House, particularly during natural disasters.

“We have these waterborne diseases, gastroenteritis, natural disasters and all of these things. So, in case we have such emergencies, we have safe drinking water for all members of this organization [school] and community,” she explained.

Green-Ruddock shared that the school already has water tanks, making it easier for donors to install the filtration system.

She added that the facility will be connected to the main line with a storage area on a concrete base to ensure easy access for maintenance.

“The filters are there and we can dismantle, remove, clean and replace them at any time. We also got some replacement filters that will serve us for quite a while. So it will benefit both the entire school population and the community,” Green-Ruddock explained.

With 416 students and more than 30 staff, New Hope Primary School is the only educational institution in Westmoreland and possibly Jamaica to have such a water treatment system, the acting principal noted.

This good fortune, she noted, makes her a beacon of water safety and health in the White House area.

Green-Ruddock said the school expects further collaboration and the prospect of even greater things to come from this partnership.

Rodney Lee, president of the school's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and a member of the New Hope community, expressed deep gratitude for the new facility, which he said will have a significant and positive impact.

He expressed parents' pride and appreciation for Sandals Foundation's efforts in making this project a reality and highlighted the far-reaching benefits of the system.

“Recognizing that this school represents an emergency situation [shelter] Buildings that can accommodate people in the event of a disaster… These efforts will be helpful, especially in [safe drinking] Water distribution,” Lee emphasized, adding that “this will help and make a big difference.”

Heidi Clarke, Executive Director of the Sandals Foundation, reiterated the importance of installing the machine at New Hope Primary School.

She emphasized that the system is designed to remove “99 percent” of disease-causing germs and contaminants and ensure water is safe for consumption on both regular school days and during emergencies.

The Sandals Foundation donated a similar system, which also serves as an emergency shelter, to a school in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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