New septic tank systems for Lowndes County residents

Alabama map

By Jolencia Jones, WVUA 23 digital reporter

The Alabama Department of Health has completed a contract with the Lowndes County Unincorporated Wastewater Program Sewer Board to install septic tanks for the residents of Lowndes County. This marks Progress in solving sewage disposal problems in the region. ADPH has also launched the Lowndes County Septic System Improvement Program to install approved septic systems, with LCUWP administering the new program.

ADPH uses information from the environmental health assessment to prioritize the installation or repair of septic systems in high-risk residential areas. The assessment asks about defective systems, the location of raw sewage, the frequency of backups, and the age and health of household members. ADPH analyzed and prioritized the first round of installations using a ranking system. All information provided is confidential and cannot be used against residents for sanitation code violations.

ADPH will share the results of the ranking system with LCUWP afterAnalysis of the results. LCUWP will hire a licensed soil expert to conduct tests in selected residential areas. The results will be used to plan a septic system. ADPH will not seek or location claimS to properties related to the program.

Lowndes County residents are urged to complete the assessment quickly since Financing for the installation of septic tanks is limited. 1.5 million US dollars has been allocated for this project through the American Recovery Plan Act. The environmental health assessment can be completed online here.

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