Newport water pipe road closed: repairs to take four days

REPAIR WORK on a burst water pipe will result in four more days of disruption on a busy Newport road.

This problem has since been resolved and the water supply restored after Welsh Water began urgent repair work which closed the road in both directions.

Newport City Council has warned that “due to the size of the excavation and repairs” a section of Chepstow Road will remain closed until Sunday July 24.

The roadworks are near the junction with Farmwood Close and Chepstow Road is closed between Aberthaw Road and Ringwood Avenue.

There are detours for vehicles, but cyclists and pedestrians can continue to use the pavements on Chepstow Road.

Welsh Water apologized for any inconvenience caused after large parts of the city lost their water supplies on Wednesday morning, including properties in Bishpool, Christchurch, Maindee and Somerton.

The company said supplies were fully restored just after 5 a.m. Thursday.

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