Nomad Micro-House Shows the World an Affordable and Fully-Loaded Mobile Home

Folks, the structure in front of you is known as Nomad, a micro home by Minimalist, a Canadian team of builders, craftsmen, engineers, designers, and nature lovers who also build capable and off-grid homes.

With a name like Nomad, you can guess what kind of lifestyle you’ll end up living a mobile one. But what does it mean to lead a traveling lifestyle? Well, in the case of Nomad, that means living life off the grid, not for a day, not a week, but as long as you can stand the weather and have supplies.

What you see now is a building with a floor area of ​​15 square meters. This area allows for a design that can accommodate up to 4 people and includes all of the equipment and spaces you would find in an average home. And while living at home is nice, the fact that with all the systems running, like waterworks, electrics, and even plumbing, if you want to move to a new location, you can get started with freedom.

One feature that you can find right in your off-grid alley is that the Nomad, like all other minimalist homes, is built to last all season. Yes, that means you no longer have to worry about the season remaining in the season. get up and go and then move on.

How exactly the Nomad is built, minimalist doesn’t say much about the frame; They say two types of steel go into the construction of the habitat. From here on, an imitation wood coating is used on the outside, which is UV-resistant and only requires the connection points to be checked twice a year. With burned-in paint and hardened glass windows, the interior is safely protected from the elements.

To help you stay out of town for as long as possible, Minimalist equips Nomad with a number of off-grid necessities. A 54-gallon (204-liter) fresh water tank and two 36-gallon (136-liter) gray and black water tanks cover the water requirements. At the same time an electrical system with a maximum power of 10.24 kW per hour and 30 year life batteries will do the trick of running all of the appliances and lights inside. Even if the manufacturer’s website says nothing about standard solar functions, you can opt for solar power systems according to your needs and wishes; Let minimalists know.

In this micro home, be prepared to encounter spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom as well. I mentioned all of the amenities of home so this is what you get. When you enter the interior, you immediately step into the living room or dining room, in which a modular dinette can sleep two children or one adult. Opposite the dining room is the galley with the massive worktop, the 4-burner hob and oven combination, the double washbasin sink with high water tap and a washing machine and dryer combination under the worktop. Did I mention the full size fridge and freezer?

After you pass the galley and the living room on the left, you will find the bathroom with a bathtub shower, compost toilet and a vanity unit with medicine cabinet. Throw in an exhaust fan to keep things fresh and that area is complete. Next the bedroom. Here, two guests can rest for the night on a queen-size bed with port and starboard windows to let natural light into the room. If natural light isn’t your thing, pull down your curtains and access the many LED lighting fixtures you’ll find everywhere. The windows I mentioned are also used to escape the house in an emergency.

Throw all of this onto a two-axle trailer frame and you have a motorhome ready to usher in a new age for off-grid living. Oh, do you want to know the best? The Nomad starts at just $ 84,500, which is roughly $ 68,370 at current exchange rates. If I’m ever looking for a RV I can call minimalists because that’s a pretty fair price considering the goodies you get.

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