North Texas Plumbing Is Helping Fort Worth Businesses Comply With The City’s Grease Trap Sizing Requirements

North Texas Plumbing, a commercial grease trap plumber specializing in grease trap repair and installation services, helps Fort Worth residents and businesses understand the city’s enacted rules and regulations on grease trap sizing.

A spokesman for North Texas Plumbing speaks about the importance of grease traps on commercial properties, saying, “Grease traps are installed on a property to capture all FOG (greases, oils and greases) escaping its drains. They ensure that the sludge from the kitchens of a commercial enterprise does not get into the municipal sewage system. If you think plumbing is a major wasteful expense that you’d rather avoid, wait until your plumbing is choked with FOG buildup, or worse, until the city penalizes you for your poor decision. Grease traps are an essential, non-negotiable part of your infrastructure if you run a food service business or any other business that has a kitchen on premises that serves a large number of people. If you’re in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere else in North Texas area, you can count on North Texas Plumbing, the best grease trap plumber in the area, to help you comply with your city’s bylaws and make you a fortune, too saves plumbing costs. ”

The City of Fort Worth Grease Trap Sizing and Design Criteria apply to all commercial food service establishments, including those that are newly built, undergoing an interior remodel to accommodate expansion or operational changes, or changes in ownership or occupancy, and facilities that may experience difficulties in servicing Compliance with maintenance and/or effluent discharge restrictions.

Fort Worth grease trap sizing is based on operational data provided by business owners or their contractors. In approving a customer’s pipeline or grease trap design, the City of Fort Worth expressly states that it assumes no liability for a system’s failure to adequately treat wastewater to meet wastewater quality requirements. It is emphasized that it is the responsibility of the producer and/or contractor to ensure the appropriate level of treatment required to comply with environmental and wastewater regulations.

To arrive at the final size requirement, Fort Worth officials multiply the number of meals served during peak hours, the peak factor, the waste flow rate, the dwell time, and the storage factor (liquid capacity). The peak factor for quick service restaurants is 1.33 and for all other types of restaurants it is 1.00. The waste flow rate is 6 gallons with a dishwasher, 5 gallons without a dishwasher, 2 gallons for a single kitchen, and 1 gallon for a food waste disposer. The residence time is 2.5 hours for commercial kitchen waste and 1.5 hours for a disposable kitchen. The storage factor for a fully equipped commercial kitchen is 1 for 8-hour operation, 2 for 16-hour operation, 3 for 24-hour operation and 1.5 for a single-service kitchen.

Where the sizing formulas used by the City of Fort Worth determine a grease trap with a capacity of less than 750 gallons, this minimum size is recommended for all restaurant applications. However, the City of Fort Worth emphasizes that under no circumstances should external grease traps be used with a capacity of less than 500 gallons.

Finally, when a professional engineer or plumber provides custom sizing requirements, the plans must include all calculations with a specific location, sealed, and submitted to the Department of Water by a Texas-licensed professional engineer, showing all calculations at recommended sizing, and to the Department of Water for review and approval to be submitted. The absence of any of the above will result in the UPC size criteria being applied.

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