North Texas Plumbing Offers Grease Trap Installation and Repair in Dallas Fort Worth Area

North Texas Plumbing, a commercial plumbing company based in Watauga, TX, is pleased to announce that it can offer grease trap installation and repair for restaurants and other commercial buildings in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Your grease trap plumber often goes to restaurants and other commercial establishments that serve food because grease traps are essential and must be properly installed in such establishments. The grease trap or grease trap is needed to collect grease, oil and grease (FOG) to minimize the amount of FOG entering the sewage system. If too much FOG enters the main sewer, over time clogs, bad odors, and pest infestations will develop, which can be a nuisance to any buildings that use the sewer.

It is important to note that there is a distinction between the fat separator and the fat separator. The grease trap is typically a smaller indoor unit, less than 100 gallons in capacity, and until recently was often installed under the sink. They are often made of steel and have only a single compartment. On the other hand, the grease trap is generally a large precast concrete tank, ranging in capacity from 250 to 5,000 gallons, and has two separate compartments. Still, North Texas Plumbing refers to both types of devices as grease traps.

Marc Sims, owner of North Texas Plumbing, says, “Every restaurant owner knows that grease traps are a necessity, but they’re also a huge headache when things go wrong. As you build your business, it’s important to get your grease trap installed correctly the first time so you can continue building your business rather than dealing with plumbing issues. This is where our grease trap installation comes into play. Grease separators are one of our main specialties. Having your grease trap/grease separator installed or serviced by a North Texas Plumbing grease separator plumber will save you time and money.”

North Texas Plumbing Grease Trap Plumber can install or repair all three major types of grease traps available on the market. These are: passive hydromechanical or manual grease separators, gravity grease separators and automatic grease separators. The most common type of grease separator is the passive type, which is often used on smaller farms. These are the easiest to use and also the cheapest. These are usually installed under the sink, although larger units are available for larger operations that can handle larger volumes of waste water.

Gravity grease separators are intended for large restaurants and other similar commercial establishments and typically take the form of large in-ground tanks made of steel, concrete or fiberglass. They work in the same way as passive grease traps, except they have a larger capacity and are therefore useful for facilities with high-flow sewage systems. These gravity grease traps require regular maintenance to pump out the FOG collected in the tank. North Texas Plumbing Grease Trap Plumbing can provide such gravity grease trap maintenance services and ensure minimal disruption to the operation of these commercial facilities.

Founded in 2013, North Texas Plumbing is a leading provider of commercial plumbing services to a variety of businesses in the North Texas area, particularly in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. They offer different types of services including: installation of grease traps; re-piping of drain lines; pipe cleaning with water jet; medical gas lines; foundation leaks and plate leak repair; water pipe diversion; repair and replacement of water pipes; repair and replacement of sewer pipes; installation of instantaneous water heaters; gas pipe installation; drain cleaning; repair of gas pipes; and more. The medical gas line installation they can provide includes: oxygen lines; nitrous oxide pipelines; welding of oxygen tubes; Installation of medical gas distributors; Installation of medical air compressors; medical vacuum installation; alarm, installation of zone valves; medical gas outlet, as well as starts and technology.

Those requiring grease trap or grease trap installation or repair can visit North Texas Plumbing’s website or contact them by phone or email. They are available 24 hours a day from Sunday to Saturday.


For more information on North Texas Plumbing, contact the company here:

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