North Texas Plumbing Reflects On The Effect Of Inflation On The Cost Of Medical Gas Piping Installation

North Texas Plumbing, a Dallas, Fort Worth-based medical gas plumbing contractor, comments on what medical gas plants currently under construction or infrastructure remodeling in North Texas will look like in the coming months after prices of key commodities like copper start to rise again can expect .

Medical gas installations are the lifeblood of facilities that provide urgent and long-term medical care to patients with serious or even life-threatening illnesses. This includes hospitals, doctor’s offices, healthcare facilities, emergency rooms, veterinary offices, veterinary surgery centers, operating rooms and more. A constant uninterrupted supply of medical gases is recognized as one of the most important tools in the arsenal of licensed medical professionals who work hard to save and improve the lives of their patients.

Medical gas lines must use copper tubing due to the chemical makeup of the metal, which makes it perfectly suited to the task. There are two types of copper tubing used in medical gas lines – Type K, which is thicker and heavier, and Type L, which has a thinner copper wall. These two types meet the requirements for positive pressure medical gas installations as proposed by the NFPA 99 standard. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 99 standard establishes criteria for the level of healthcare services or systems based on risk to patients, staff, or visitors to healthcare facilities to minimize the hazards of fire, explosion, and electricity. Copper tubing is always used to transport medical gases from a utility room where they are stored in tanks to rooms where they are needed.

Inflation has been at the forefront of all political and business conversations in public and private companies across the country since early 2021, when it started rearing its ugly head. Copper prices have also rallied sharply since the start of the 2020 pandemic to adjust for lower demand due to lower economic activity. The copper price in USD per pound reached its absolute maximum in March 2022. As the price of the raw materials that go into the manufacture of medical gas lines has risen dramatically, these expenses have severely inflated the budgets that medical facilities across the country have had to spend on building or maintaining their infrastructure. Prices have fallen significantly since hitting the 5-year high in March 2022. By July 2022, it had fallen to February 2021 levels. However, there has been another smaller increase in recent months, although the price has not climbed anywhere close to March 2022 levels.

Marc Sims, owner and master plumber at North Texas Plumbing, commented on what managers and owners of Texas medical facilities should expect and plan for by saying, “We are not macroeconomics experts and cannot predict what prices commodities will be like for the time being in a couple of months time be. However, with the steady decline in the price of copper, this is the best time for you to undertake the medical gas line installation projects that are a critical part of your facility’s infrastructure. If you need to upgrade your existing setup or have it checked, you will benefit from falling prices. Regardless of the task you have planned, when you call on North Texas Plumbing for your medical gas installation needs, you can be assured that we will always provide the best possible services at the most competitive cost in the current market.”

North Texas Plumbing has an excellent reputation in the local Dallas Fort Worth community for the services they provide. The company’s exceptional quality of work and friendly customer service has been recognized in the feedback it has received over the years from North Texas homeowners as well as commercial customers. The company currently has a perfect rating of 5.0 on its Google My Business listing from over 10 reviews. In addition to medical gas plumbing, North Texas Plumbing also offers other plumbing services such as: B. Plumbing for property managers and grease trap installations.


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