Now, KWA must register on Sugama portal for digging roads, water authority pipe work, local slef-government

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) is not allowed to dig roads for pipelines without permission from the local self-government. According to the new rule, in order to dig roads under local self-government, KWA must register on the “Sugama” portal.

A special facility is available on the portal to apply for a permit for emergency work. The local self-government has issued a number of guidelines to prevent road digging, which disturbs the public and traffic. The measure was taken to resolve the crisis due to departmental incoordination.

KWA needs to upload details including date and time of digging for the pipelines and completion on the portal. Estimate and progress of the newly paved road should be uploaded to the website. In addition, according to the order of the secretary of the local self-government, a plaque with this information must be placed on the construction site.

KWA has to deposit 10% of the repair costs. The deposit is not required unless there is an emergency such as a broken pipe or leak. The contract period for the repaired roads is one year. The KWA officers must oversee the work rather than hiring contractors.

KWA officials must prepare the estimate after consultation with the engineering department of local self-governments.

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