Oklahoma City plumbers discuss three benefits of working in the trades

“When I was growing up, everyone made the assumption that you needed a four-year college degree to be successful in life,” said Harpole, owner of Champion Plumbing. “While this mindset has changed somewhat over time, people still don’t understand the benefits of becoming a plumber, HVAC technician, or electrician. Students who choose to work in the home services industry will not only be able to provide for their families, but also avoid large college debt.”

While there are various reasons to work in the trades, Harpole offers these three main benefits:

  • Business School Is Less Expensive: The expensive nature of traditional four-year colleges is well documented. When it comes to trade schools, they are significantly cheaper. According to Forbes, the average cost of attending a four-year college in 2021-22 was about $10,740 with the cost of a trade school being as low as possible $5,000.
  • Handyman pays well: If you look at the average, handyman jobs paychecks are either at or above those that require a four-year degree. Annual wages for recent trade school graduates are far higher $50,000 yearly. These wages may increase due to certifications and other training.
  • Jobs are numerous: nationwide there is no shortage of home service companies looking for skilled workers. This gives potential employees the opportunity to choose the company that best fits their corporate culture.

“Four-year colleges aren’t for everyone,” Harpole said. “For students who like to be more hands-on, a career in crafts may be the best option. You gain hands-on experience during trade school and have a viable path after graduation. In addition, you can afford an amazing life for your family.”

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Champion Plumbing was founded in 2015 and is run by the couple Leslie and Brent Harpole. Champion provides sanitation and water quality services to San Francisco residents Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and environment. The team specializes in water heaters, drain cleaning, garbage disposal, water filtration systems and backflow repair. The company strives to give back to the local community and help them with their sanitation needs.

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