Oregon wildfire recovery areas receiving grants to repair septic systems | News

MCKENZIE RIVER VALLEY, Oregon — The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality announced today that the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB), along with Homes for Good, will receive a portion of a $5.2 million grant to help invest in the Repair and/or replacement of septic systems to flow Impacts from the 2020 Holiday Farm Fire.

EWEB and Homes for Good each received a portion of the grant, which together will total over $2.1 million. Homes for Good will be assisting Lazy Days Mobile Home Park, which was completely destroyed during the fire, and will use their funds to build new rooms and install a community sewer system.

EWEB will use their grant to provide financial assistance to residents in the McKenzie River area to help replace or repair their sewer systems through their Pure Waters Partners program.

DEQ’s new program may award grants using funds from the federal Bailout of America Act and as directed by the Oregon State Legislature. DEQ’s select proposals provide financial assistance to homeowners who have completed or are in the process of repairing or replacing their septic systems.

According to officials, the project will help Oregon residents rebuild and return to their communities while reducing potential environmental pollutants from aging sewer systems.

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