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According to Harts Services, homeowners can reduce risk, save money, and extend the life of their systems with professional maintenance membership programs

TACOMA, wash., March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harts Services, a premier Pacific Northwest plumbing and electrical company founded in 2013, advises homeowners to protect themselves from the expense and inconvenience of emergency repairs with a professional preventative maintenance program.

A comprehensive preventative maintenance program offered by a trusted provider can help homeowners keep their plumbing and electrical systems efficient year-round. Members can lower their energy bills, extend the life of their equipment, and minimize the risk of equipment failure or major repairs.

“Over time, maintenance programs provide value and security,” he said Richard Hart, co-owner of Harts Services. “Regular professional service ensures efficient performance, and routine inspections can catch small problems before they become significant problems, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen and expensive emergency repairs.”

A preventive maintenance program like Hart’s Home Care Plan offers a number of benefits. Preventative maintenance programs help homeowners conserve energy by keeping appliances running as efficiently as possible and identifying minor plumbing and electrical problems. Technicians can pinpoint developing plumbing or electrical problems and recommend repairs before major problems arise. Maintenance program members pay less to keep their equipment running over time and experience fewer disruptions due to equipment failure or major repairs. Preventative maintenance also helps equipment last longer and reduce the need for major repairs.

“Preventive maintenance is an effective way to ensure your home’s plumbing and electrical systems are in good working order year-round,” Hart said. “Hart’s Home Care Plan is designed to help homeowners save money and enjoy the comfort and convenience they expect from their home.”

Harts Services offers critical plumbing work including emergency plumbing, bathroom and kitchen plumbing, plumbing, water heater repair and installation, sewer line repair and installation, trenchless sewer repair, drain cleaning, sump pump repair and installation and more. Harts Services also offers world-class electrical services including circuit breakers, electrical circuits, outlets, lighting, EV charging stations, alternators and more. For more information, call (253) 470-8766 or visit

About Hart’s Services

Harts Services was founded in Tacoma 2013 by co-owners Richard Hart And Dan Hartsough. Harts Services provides home plumbing and electrical solutions and has a Google rating of 4.9/5. Guided by its motto We Care More, the company is committed to infusing a caring attitude into every aspect of the business. For more information, call (253) 470-8766 or visit


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