Parsippany Asks Public To Check For Lead Pipes In Their Homes

PARSIPPANY, NJ — Parsippany officials asked residents and business owners to take part in a survey about their water lines. The survey will contribute to New Jersey’s efforts to eliminate lead pipe from its water supply by 2031.

“Your attendance is required,” the municipality’s website says. “Residents and business owners will soon receive a survey in the mail from our water utility company asking customers to identify the material in the water line that supplies their home or business.”

You can find the survey form here.

The community water company’s website also provides a link to instructions on how to inspect pipes and submit survey results.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill into law last July that requires hundreds of New Jersey municipal water systems to replace their main service lines within the next decade.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced in February that 186,830 lead service lines had been identified across New Jersey. New Jersey water systems were required to notify residents, non-paying consumers (including renters) and any outside owners of a property if they are known to be served by a leading service line by February 21.

Read more: Lead pipe replacements underway at 180,000 homes and businesses in New Jersey

Many residents have received a letter that looks like this. Learn how to find out which system serves your city here. Learn more about the nationwide replacement effort here.

With reports by Eric Kiefer/Patch Staff

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