People don’t think to clean a spot in their kitchen that gets ‘fuzzy’

A former housekeeper has revealed one of her best-kept secrets for keeping the kitchen tidy when things get dire.

The cleaning expert called the effective technique her “toddler backwash method.”

Vanesa Amaro is a digital content creator and former housekeeper who shares lifestyle tips onlinePhoto credit: tiktok/vanesamaro91

Vanesa Amaro (@vanesamaro91) filmed herself demonstrating the hack in a video on TikTok.

She touched on a part of the kitchen that is often overlooked by even the strictest clean freaks.

“Things you didn’t know you should clean – the underside of your kitchen faucet,” she said, filming the faucet.

“Just look closely. It looks nice and fluffy.”

“For that we need some vinegar. We also need a ziplock bag and a tie,” she added.

She poured the vinegar into the ziplock bag and tied it around the faucet.

“Now leave it in here for about 30 minutes, and when the vinegar looks like your toddler’s backwash water, take it out,” she said, taking out the bag.

“And things are looking much better now. But we go one step further,” she added.

She went in to scrub the faucet some more so it would shine.

“Dawn dish soap, a brush, and just get to work. Rinse it thoroughly and you’re good to go,” she added.

She reminded viewers to take a look at her sink to see if they missed a spot.

“When was the last time you cleaned your faucet? You might want to look at it now,” she said.

The video attracted many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“I just cleaned mine after watching your video,” one wrote. “Thank you very much.”

She filmed a place in the kitchen where many people forget to clean – under the tap, where it can get blurryPhoto credit: tiktok/vanesamaro91
She filmed the result of her sink – a much cleaner faucet after using her “toddler backwash method.”Photo credit: tiktok/vanesamaro91

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