Picote Solutions Extends its Range with Battery Operated Solutions for Domestic Plumbers

The Picote Solutions cordless range is gaining traction among home installers as they prove to be powerful, easy-to-use and portable solutions for in-house work.

The Picote Solutions name is firmly established in the trenchless industry for its pioneering pipe rehabilitation solutions, but its latest range has proven its ability to adapt to the needs of its customers working as contractors or small business owners.

Tom, Picote Solutions UK’s International Business Development Manager, loves the Picote battery-powered mini cleaner “for its versatility around the home. This piece is ideal for anyone doing internal plumbing work. Every plumber should have a tool like this in their arsenal.”

This unit is equipped with a detachable foot control that allows for hands-free operation, and the stepless foot pedal speed control offers high-speed, high-torque operation between 800 and 2200 rpm. This is an extremely effective tool for cleaning, descaling and root trimming in pipes from DN32-75.

Most impressively, the device operates independently of an outlet, eliminating cords and cords as potential tripping hazards and minimizing disruption for homeowners.

In addition, if a power source is available nearby, charging of the batteries can also be performed during operation.

20210323 Porvoo Picote Solutions, Cordless Mini Cleaner, 3540002816. Image: Ismo Henttonen.

Also in the cordless range is Picote’s battery-powered Mini-Miller, which has been completely redesigned and upgraded with gearing from previous models. Unlike the traditional powered versions, the battery powered mini mower is cordless and can run for up to 3 hours continuously on its standard battery, helping to reduce site footprint.

Most impressively, the redesign has increased the unit’s capabilities and productivity, making it even more effective at cleaning, descaling and root removal in smaller DN50-100 pipes. The units are also efficient for cutting and rehabilitation work in DN50-75 pipes.

Similar to the battery-powered mini cleaner, this device features a special high-speed, high-torque motor with stepless speed control and an electric safety clutch.

According to Tom from Picote Solutions UK; “The battery powered mini mower is much more versatile than the powered version. The power transmission is much smoother and now more powerful than ever, cleaning pipes up to DN100.”

Next in the battery lineup is the Picote Hybrid Midi Roller. This hybrid midi roller is used to impregnate CIPP liners from DN50-225. This lightweight, compact device can be powered by the built-in battery or plugged in and charged while in use.

The built-in high-capacity battery with about 10 hours of operation allows you to work anywhere without access to electricity.

All three battery-powered units are designed to put the user in control and allow for a quick but thorough makeover and clean no matter where you are, making them a great choice for small businesses doing household plumbing jobs .

Dawn Greig, Senior Director at Picote Solutions, said: “With the growing drive towards net zero and the need for contractors to be able to reach job sites with limited or no direct power supply, Picote Solutions’ battery powered options are truly the way forward . ”

Picote Solutions’ versatility and innovation are just some of the many reasons Pipe Core are full range distributors, ensuring our customers in Australia and New Zealand have the right product for the job, along with full support, service, repairs , training and product demonstrations.

Not sure which device is right for you? Browse online here or contact the Pipecore team so they can help you with training and support to ensure you choose the right device to grow your business.

Discover the entire Miller range here.

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