Pipe burst on Conrad Drive damages pavement and parking area outside shops

A recently burst water main has damaged the sidewalk and parking lot outside the shops on Conrad Drive.

Councilor 102 David Potter explained that it’s the same old tale of old asbestos cement (AC) pipes cracking in cold weather.

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“[Johannesburg Water’s] The depot team is aware of the ongoing outbreaks,” he said.

“Reinstatements take time to complete. A full tube replacement is years away.”

Joburg Water acting communications manager Seipati Nyawuza said she is awaiting information from the company’s team on the ground before commenting on the Conrad Drive pipe rupture.

Randburg Sun will post their comments as they are made.

Potter explained that a water main replacement project was also underway at Forbes Road, Blairgowrie.

“This project remains incomplete with many delays and is fraught with challenges. Repairing water mains often results in damage to sidewalks and roads, which then requires necessary repairs. As of February this year, Joburg Water has appointed its own recovery companies and appears to have more control over the recovery process.”

This was in reference to the Joburg Roads Agency, which was mostly closed from March 2020 to February 2022 and has 5,000 reinstatements backlogged, Potter said, although that doesn’t stop him from lobbying for infrastructure upgrades.

AC power lines have burst across Randburg and Potter said his community, particularly Bordeaux and Blairgowrie, was badly affected.

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