Pipe issues at Greenbrier Dairy send milk flooding into nearby homes

RAINELLE, WV (WVNS) – Greenbrier Dairy has contracted with the City of Rainelle and the Greenbrier County Public Service District for a dedicated dairy waste disposal system.

However, when the system stopped working and the pipes filled with whey, milk waste began seeping through the ground and into surrounding homes.

Now some people in Rainelle have basements flooded with spoiled, curdled milk and damage to their property.

“Something stopped up there about a month ago. It flooded my brother’s house next door, he still has 2ft of water in it. I had 2 feet in my house and I got a sump pump and pumped it out but it ruined my hot water tank.”

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The West Virginia Department of Agriculture, which represents dairy producers, said the problem was an accident and Greenbrier Dairy was not responsible for the problems in the pipes. They also said that the problems in the pipes are now fixed and there shouldn’t be any further problems.

“They have been working with the local Public Service District to find a way for them to properly dispose of (their waste) with the right connection. S they contacted the PSD and the relevant authorities to let them know that this was happening. Now they have fixed this problem.”

Crescent Gallagher, communications director for the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.

They now say it’s up to the homeowners and insurance companies to figure out how much they’re owed for the damage.

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McClung estimated that he suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage to his home and other property, but he said the biggest problem he faced was damage to his water heater.

“I haven’t had a hot water tank for a month, so I have to go to my girlfriend’s or my son’s to take a shower. And you can’t wash dishes or anything, so I ate out twice, three times as much because you don’t want dishes because of the cold water.

Homeowner Darrell McClung

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