Plano Plumbing & Leak Detection Over The Moon After Winning The ThreeBestRated® Award Once Again For The Year 2024

ThreeBestRated® awards Plano Plumbing & Leak Detection the 2024 Best Plumbing Service Provider in the Plano Area. With this award, Plano Plumbing has held its top position for over seven years and is excited and motivated to try even harder.

What sets Plano Plumbing apart?

Plano Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company with a long history of serving its community. Founded in 1990, the company has built its excellent reputation on more than 30 years of experience and hard work serving the plumbing needs of Plano residents.

Plano employs the best plumbers who have obtained all the necessary municipal and state permits to assist their clients in their home or office. Each member of their team is licensed and insured in the state of Texas. With the goal of setting the standard for excellence, they strive to ensure the highest level of plumbing services with the utmost care and respect. They are committed to helping their clients with their knowledge and best recommendations backed by their industry expertise.

Using the latest and most advanced technology, Plano's team of experts precisely locates and fixes any leaks. These experts try to save homeowners the hassle by working on the root cause of the problem. The team identifies any potential pitfalls and fixes them before they cause major and costly damage to the home. In the long run, this protects the customer's home.

As mentioned, they cover all residential plumbing services including replacements, repairs, installations, repairs, and slab and water leak detection. They also provide emergency service. To get a free quote, visit Plano's website or contact us at +1-972-672-8616 or email [email protected].

Plano Plumbing offers its services in Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Carrollton, Collins County, Denton County and North Dallas and surrounding areas.

The registered office is located at 2828 W. Parker Rd Suite #106c, Plano, Texas 75075


One of their satisfied customers said, “In my opinion, you couldn't find a better plumbing company. The service is great when it comes to estimates, the work is done on time and the people are great to work with, they are very professional and friendly.”

“Tex found and repaired a slab leak in a week. Anyone else would have charged me almost double! With a great price, good communication and great service, I don't think you could find a better guy for the job!! 10/10, highly recommended,” was another customer's comment.

And another also said: “Tex and his crew are absolute professionals in every way. Experienced, honest, punctual, friendly, with superior customer service and communication. The work was thorough and in Tex's own words, 'I can't do what these other guys do and rip people off, I couldn't sleep at night.'”

About ThreeBestRated®

ThreeBestRated® was founded in 2014 with the simple goal of finding the top three local businesses, professionals, restaurants, healthcare providers, and everything in between in every city. Each business is carefully selected by our staff. We verify the business's reputation, history, complaints, ratings, proximity, satisfaction, trust, cost, overall quality, reviews, and more using our 50-point inspection. We only display businesses that have been vetted by our staff. Other places would call this “hard work” and “unnecessary.” We call it “due diligence” and “doing the right thing.” Our website is updated regularly to ensure quality and the latest company information.

ThreeBestRated® is honored to help 4.5 million customers each month find the best businesses in every city – with no effort at all!

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