Plumber explains how common bathroom mistake causes mould to thrive

A plumbing expert warns that by storing towels incorrectly in our bathrooms, we could be creating the perfect conditions for mold – and it could cost us hundreds to fix.

Mold can grow almost anywhere that is damp, including poorly ventilated bathrooms((SCU)

No matter how carefully you keep your bathroom clean, it is not uncommon for mold to form on the walls and ceilings.

This is usually due to the humid and warm environment or inadequate ventilation. Mold can pose a serious health risk if you are exposed to it for a long time. In addition, serious mold problems can be quite expensive to fix if professional help is required.

However, homeowners have been warned that a simple change could help eliminate bathroom mould – and it all has to do with how towels are stored. Peter Clayton of Trade Plumbing is urging homeowners to store wet towels in the bathroom properly, otherwise they could face a £300 bill to clean up a mould problem.

Improperly stored wet towels can increase the humidity in your bathroom, leading to unpleasant odors, harmful bacteria, and eventually mold growth. The expert points out that the common practice of piling up wet towels and leaving them to dry in unventilated areas is a major factor in mold growth.

Instead, he recommends storing towels in a ventilated place and spreading them out on towel racks to prevent moisture from spreading and causing mold. Wet towels hung or stacked together hinder air circulation, prevent towels from drying and release excess moisture into the air, the Express reports.

Without adequate ventilation, Peter explains, persistent damp in the bathroom can lead to mould growth, which could cost up to £300 to professionally remove. Mould is not only an eyesore, but also a potential health risk. Mould infestation can lead to respiratory problems and infections, and can aggravate existing conditions such as asthma.

Peter said: “Mould is a major problem in the home and incorrect storage of towels is a major contributor to its formation. Taking a few minutes to store them correctly can lead to a safer, cleaner environment and keep your towels in optimal condition.”

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