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Whether you're cooking for a big dinner party, meal prepping, or baking from scratch, the dirty dishes piling up in your sink can feel like a strategic game of Jenga. Luckily, thanks to dishwasher tablets, getting those dishes sparkling clean is quicker and easier than ever—just load the dishwasher, throw the dishes in, and press start! While tablets are super convenient, one homeowner warns that using the wrong type of tab can cause serious damage to your kitchen pipes and, as a result, a hefty plumbing bill.

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A TikToker named Jill (@gracefullgrit) is urging her followers to switch from dry detergent pods to liquid detergent after her kitchen sink became clogged with residue of undissolved soap powder. In a new video, Jill revealed that her plumber had to use “a special machine” to fix the problem, and now she's sharing his expert advice.

“PSA to anyone using powdered dishwashing liquid pods,” Jill began her video, which has been viewed 520,000 times. “My kitchen sink was clogged this week.”

Like everyone else, Jill searched the internet for help – but unfortunately, no DIY trick could unclog her pipes. After a visit to the plumber and “a few hundred dollars” later, Jen's kitchen sink was working again and she hated washing powder capsules again.

According to the plumber, the water in the sink wasn't draining because it was caked with soapy cement. “He said this stuff actually builds up on the edges of the pipes, just like cholesterol does in the arteries,” Jill explained.

“When activated by water, it sticks to the sides of the pipe and forms a concrete-like barrier. Then it has to be scraped off with a special machine,” she continued.

Jill said the plumber admitted that “he gets calls like this all the time.”

So how can you prevent this from happening again? “He recommended that we switch to liquid dishwashing detergent or liquid pads,” says Jill.

More than 1,200 people responded to Jill's video, many of them saying they've experienced similar disasters at the kitchen sink because of Power Pods.

“My plumber says liquid only too!” one user shared, while another added, “I switched to liquid 4 years ago because of this.”

“My husband never let me use these because they don't dissolve completely. I guess he was right,” says one comment.

Meanwhile, several users claimed that they had been using powdered dishwashing detergent for years without any problems. One reason for this could be the amount of minerals in the water. For example: Ron Shimekthe president of Mr. Appliance, told Martha Stewart magazine that powdered laundry detergent performs better in hard water. Additionally, dry pods don't dissolve completely in cold water, so if your dishwasher uses cold, soft water, that could be the reason.

Consumer Reports Expert Larry Ciufo Also note that dishwasher tablets require longer wash cycles to fully dissolve. Short cycles can clog pipes and only partially clean your dishes.

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