Plumber Shows How To Avoid Frozen Pipes Next Week

The year 2024 is just two weeks old, but winter is already a third of the way behind us and the worst weather of the season is just around the corner. It’s time to winterize your home before Old Man Winter unpacks his bags, and a professional plumber has taken to TikTok to tell you how.

Plumber Jeff Mumm of Jeff Mumm Plumbing (@jeffmummplumbing) posted his advice on TikTok on Thursday. The video has already received over 1.2 million views and features Mumm’s powerful advice on how to protect your plumbing even during the worst times the season has to offer.

“The first thing, folks, is this,” he tells his viewers. “Know how to shut off the water to your home.” He says this is essential to prevent water damage to your home if a pipe does somehow freeze and burst.

“Turn up the heat in your house,” he continues. It’s worth a higher electric bill if it prevents the pipe from freezing.

Mumm also recommends “ensuring that all of your home’s interior doors are open” to ensure heated air reaches every room in your home. “You want air to circulate throughout your home.” Mumm also recommends opening bathroom cabinet doors and even shower doors and curtains to allow heated air to flow into bathroom plumbing.

“Turn on your water,” he tells his viewers. “Let the water trickle a little. Think about it: moving water doesn’t freeze as easily as still water.”

“I hope these tips help you and keep you safe outside,” he concludes.

Many of Mumm’s viewers who live in the South agreed with Mumm’s recommendation to keep their taps running during the area’s occasional freeze events.

“That’s pretty much the best option, especially for people in the south who suffer from cold snaps,” Vimes replied.

@jeffmummplumbing ♬ Original sound – JEFF MUMM PLUMBING

Nunya (@the.unpopular.opinion) wrote: “We live in the south and it will soon be 19 degrees. I have water pipes in my attic. We wrap outside and drip water. Is there a way to keep attic pipes warm????”

Vimes replied, “Sorry that’s not the case. I’m actually going to do a follow-up video about it. It’s best to make sure the water is dripping from all the faucets.”

For insulating outdoor faucets, one viewer recommended a DIY approach. “I use pool noodles… so far so good.”

At least one Texas viewer decided to heed Mumm’s advice based on their experience with the bitter winter freeze the state experienced in 2021.

“In the winter of 2021 in Dallas, we drained everything and opened the cabinets, but the power was out for three days, so the pipe burst. Now I think I’ll turn off the main line,” wrote LinnyLou_seat (@linnylou_seat).

The Daily Dot reached out to Mumm via email for further comment.

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*First published: January 12, 2024, 6:00 p.m. CST

Beau Paul

Beau Paul is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas. Beau also wrote fiction and dialogue for the gaming industry for several years before becoming an entertainment journalist.

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