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Question: Ed: Read your previous column on installing pedestal sinks to create a more open appearance. We are building a new house and the contractor suggested a wall hung vanity. We like the storage aspect, but what other benefits can we expect?

Answer: A wall hung vanity is basically a raised vanity that attaches to the wall and is installed above the floor. Because it doesn’t stand on the floor, it’s often referred to as a floating vanity. This open style unit is usually an upgrade as additional work is required to properly anchor it to the wall per regulations and/or manufacturer instructions.

But despite the upgrade costs, wall-hung vanity tops have other benefits besides storage. Advantages can be:

Installation Versatility: The height can be adjusted as long as you comply with local regulations. This can be helpful for special needs users and aging bathroom remodeling jobs.

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Extra space under the vanity: The open space under the cabinet allows the user to conveniently get close to the sink, faucet and mirror. This space can also be a nice place to store things like a scale when not in use.

Easier Bathroom Cleaning: With a finished open floor underneath the unit, cleaning around the vanity can be an easier task.

Add all of these qualities together and it’s easy to see how you can be floored by your choice of a wall hung vanity!

(Builder/Plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of Ed Del Grande’s House Call, as a TV and internet show host, and as a LEED green worker. Visit or write to [email protected] .Always check with local contractors and regulations.)

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