Plumbing company fails to unclog toilet and allegedly turns ‘thuggish’ after customer asks for help

A couple hired a plumbing company they found in Carousell to repair their clogged toilet, but the situation quickly went south. Masher Jenny told Stomp that the plumber quoted $200 to unclog their toilet, but instead of fixing it, they allegedly damaged it on May 4th. “We had to spend another $160 to deliver and install a new toilet bowl,” she said. They thought the matter had been resolved and were shocked when the toilet clogged again just five days later (May 9). “My husband called to explain the situation, hoping for help,” she said. “At home, few people use the toilet and we don't even use tissues, so we have no idea what is clogging it.” However, the person who answered the phone had an aggressive demeanor, spoke like an ah-beng and said: “I don't care how many people use it, how do I know how you use it?” Jenny added that the plumbing company insisted on it since they showed on May 4 that the toilet worked well and flushed was flawless. All other problems were the “customer’s problem”. She complained that they weren't even given a one-day guarantee and asked, “Maybe they know their workmanship is poor?” “We were charged a total fee $360 (without toilet bowl) for such a result and the customer service was just sloppy.”

The problem has not yet been solved and Jenny and her husband fear that dismantling the toilet bowl again could cause it to break again. “Every time we flush, the water level rises,” she said. “Right now we have to manually pump the water back to normal levels after each use.” She added that she did not report the matter to Carousell because the two parties conducted the transaction outside the platform and communicated through their own personal numbers . “We feel helpless and frustrated in this situation.”

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