Plumbing expert names mould ‘breeding ground’ that’s a bathroom essential

An expert has discovered that the only bathroom many people have could be causing mold in their home.

A humid and unventilated environment can lead to condensation, which then causes many problems such as dark spots and mold.

Bathrooms can be the perfect breeding ground for mold due to the hot, steamy atmosphere and lack of ventilation as many people keep their windows closed. To help households get rid of mold quickly, Plumbworld's Eleanor Potter pointed out one culprit: shower curtains.

“Condensation may seem harmless, but it can cause more problems in the long run. Mold, moisture and leaks can be serious health problems that no one wants in their home,” she said.

“Although it is impossible to completely remove condensation in this room, there are ways to minimize it and eliminate it quickly.”

A real problem for mold growth is your shower curtain, especially if it is not maintained and cleaned often. Eleanor said: “Removing your shower curtain is the best way to dry it properly. It takes two seconds to pull it all the way along the bar and that can make a big difference.”

“If you notice your shower curtain becoming moldy or stained, peel it off and put it in the washing machine to get it looking like new again. If it is beyond salvage, it may be best to get rid of it and start over with a glass partition or a new curtain that is easy to clean.

The shower curtain can be a breeding ground for mold(Image: Getty)

The expert also recommended taking “shorter, cooler showers” ​​to limit the amount of time the bathroom becomes steamy and damp. She added: “If you prefer to take a bath, you can reduce condensation by running cold water into the tub first and then slowly adding warm water.”

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